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Boost Your Email List with Koala’s Powerful KoalaMagnets

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I’m a huge fan of trying new tech ASAP. You never know what awesomeness is out there until you give it a shot! My latest favorite has been Koala AI and their brand new KoalaMagnets.

I’ve been actively using Koala for outlining, editing, and helping with content creation for the past few months and I absolutely love it!

Koala just released a new tool called KoalaMagnets. What is a KoalaMagnet? It’s basically a custom GPT that can be embedded directly into your website so readers can use AI in very cool, niche-specific ways.

Even better, it can be used to capture emails to be added to your mailing list. And the best part is it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

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You create your new KoalaMagnet, then Koala provides an embed code to add using a simple HTML block. Here’s how to set it up and use it to grow your email list.

Creating a Custom KoalaMagnet

It’s so easy to create a KoalaMagnet. Click on KoalaMagnets on the left sidebar, then you can decide what kind of Magnet you want to create.

Dinner planning? Date ideas? Dog names? Get creative with whatever fits your niche! Here’s an example dog name generator I created.

Embedding Your KoalaMagnet In Your Site

A KoalaMagnet can be embedded using the Custom HTML block anywhere on your site. You can add it to pages, embed in articles, or use as a pop-up.

Using a KoalaMagnet as a Pop-Up

A question that popped up šŸ˜† was if a KoalaMagnet could be added as a pop-up, and the answer is YES! Since I use Kadence Pro on all my sites, I also have access to Kadence Conversions, which is included in Kadence Pro. It’s a great, easy way to create pop-ups.

KoalaMagnet Pop-Up

I started with a blank template, and added a Row Layout. Changed the background to match my site’s aesthetic, and used a Custom HTML block to paste the embed code from Koala.

KoalaMagnet Embed

I then set the triggers to pop up only on the categories I specified. Since it’s a date night and relationship site, the pop-up triggers on date night categories.

Don’t have Kadence Pro? I haven’t tested it yet, but this plugin looks like it may work.

How Does The KoalaMagnet Look in a Pop-Up?

When the form is filled out with the user’s prompt, it pulls up a lead capture form to gather their email address, and then displays the results to their request.

The leads are stored in Koala and can be exported in a .csv and then added to your email list.

You can see both embed types on my post 200+ Awesome Alphabet Dating Ideas. The HTML embed on the page is after the intro, and since it’s a date post, the pop-up triggers as well.

I’ll eventually do testing to see which version performs better and remove one from that page, but I wanted to share a real-world example for now.

I’d love to see an automated way to email those results along with adding the subscriber to the list immediately, but this is brand new and the potential is awesome!


What Kind of KoalaMagnets Can Be Created For Niche Websites?

Instead of complex itinerary builders or multi-step wizards, think about simple yet engaging use cases where just a single user input can unlock tons of value. Keep in mind KoalaMagnets have just rolled out, so their output will improve over time.

Here are some niche-specific ideas that could be great traffic and engagement boosters:

Fitness & Health Sites

  • Workout Idea Engine – Pop in the equipment you have and time constraints, and boom! 10 workout ideas personalized for you.
  • Healthy Meal Suggestions – Tell it a main ingredient you want to use, and get a list of recipes incorporating that food.

Education Blogs

  • Study Break Activities – Students can enter how long their break is (5, 15, 30 mins?) and get fun activity ideas to recharge during that time.
  • Book Matchmaker – Share your vibe (self-help, mystery, etc.) and get tailored book recommendations in that genre to check out next.

Lifestyle & Wellness

  • Self-Care Idea Generator – Based on if you need a physical, mental, or emotional boost, get 10 nourishing self-care ideas.
  • Eco-Friendly Living Tips – Input an area of life to make greener (home, diet, transportation) and presto – sustainable action steps!

Food & Recipe Sites

  • Recipe Roulette – Enter a cooking method and core ingredient, and let it spit out recipe ideas using both.
  • Seasonal Eats – Pick the current season and get recipes highlighting fresh, in-season produce.

For all the creative folks – writers, artists, makers:

  • Art Project Concept Machine – Tell it your medium and a theme, and get 10 fun project concepts to bring to life.
  • Story Spark Generator – Plug in a genre and mood setting to receive unique writing prompt ideas.

Pet lovers and owners:

  • Trick Training Tool – Based on your pet type and skill level, receive new trick ideas to try out.
  • Homemade Treat Ideas- Have it suggest easy, healthy treat recipes based on your pet’s diet needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a KoalaMagnet?

To use KoalaMagnets (along with other awesome Koala features like automatic internal linking, editing, and premium AI images, you’ll need to sign up for the Professional Plan at $49/month.

Don’t want to deal with a monthly subscription? Koala also offers credit packs that last an entire year and provide a TON of content options!

Koala is currently running a Birthday Sale! Their credit packs are currently 45% off until March 27. Grab your discount here.


Once your KoalaMagnet is published, it uses KoalaChat credits. 1 KoalaChat credit = 10 KoalaMagnet submissions, which means if you have 15,000 chat messages, your visitors can enter submissions 150,000 times.

Not too bad to grow your email list, which is becoming even more important in the wake of Google’s “not-so-helpful content updates” and social media volatility!

How Well Do KoalaMagnets Convert?

I’m super interested to see how many readers actually use this, and how well it converts to email subscribers. It’s too new to tell just yet, but hopefully within a month or so I’ll see how well it does!

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